Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co.,ltd Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading company specialized in manufacturing circular stapler, hemorrhoids stapler, endo stapler. Our company has been in the line of medical equipment for more than 8 years. We continuously make efforts to develop our techniques and provide high-quality goods. Look forward to establishing a business relationship with you! en-us Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co.,ltd Chitosan Gel

Women with chitosan gel is designed according to women's physical structure , the use of chitosan vaginal administration of high-tech treatment of vaginitis and cervicitis gynecological products.

Disposable wound protector/ incision retractor

Disposable wound protector/ incision retractor

Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler (HENDO)

Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler (HENDO) will accommodate any of the straight single use loading unit sizes that are available in the 30 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm lines. Our product has achieved ISO 9001: 2000, ISO13485:2003.

Disposable Circular Stapler Disposable Curved Cutter Stapler Disposable Hemorrhoids Stapler (HYG) Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler (HQ) Disposable Linear Stapler Disposable Purse String Stapler (HYB) Disposable Skin Stapler (HPF) Reusable Products Accessories Reusable Hemorrhoids Stapler Reusable Circular Stapler Reusable Linear Stapler Minimally invasive access Series I

Minimally invasive access Series I


Disposable Trocar

disposable trocar 

Gas tightness   MPR patent magnetic strip designed

1. Gas-proof

2. Lens does not blur while in and out. 

 Safety-- Advanced blunt-spoon designed

1. Large Controllability, no damage to the tissue

2. Prevent puncture hernia effectively

Fixity-- world modern Diameter surface cutting non-slip casing.

1. Good fixation on Abdominal wall

2. Little grabability.

Applicability     Without conversion cap, one-handed performance

  1. Easy to operate 

  2. Maintain pneumoperitoneum effectively 


NEW HQX linear cutter stapler 


The NEW  HQX SERIES of disposable linear cutter stapler is a single-patient-use device with a straight head that cuts and staples. It delivers four staggered rows of staples with a knife in-between, and creates a 40mm transaction and stapling in areas where access is restricted safely 


It is a development of mechanical cutting and stapling technique not only suitable for low sphincter preserving procedure but also applicable to thoracic surgery and small incision abdominal surgery.

Save operation time and space, simultaneous cutting and stapling, less operation time and more safely 

Disposable circumcision stapler

Disposable circumcision stapler