Haida Medical wound protector/ retractor
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Haida medical wound protector/ retractor

Maximized exposure. Optimized protection. Superior strength.

With Haida medical wound protectors, you get the maximum field of vision.

Achieves protection and retraction in a wide range of specialities, patient sizes and incision sizes

Haida medical wound protectors/retractors provide 360° of circumferential, atraumatic retraction. Haida Medical wound protector/retractors maintain moisture at the incision site and reduce superficial surgical site infections following colorectal surgeries.

Maximizes exposure with a minimum incision size


Offers unparalleled exposure without trauma and pain associated with prolonged point retraction

Provides hands-free retraction, reducing strain, discomfort and fatigue associated with traditional hand-held retractors


Creates tamponade effect to minimize blood loss


Provides 360° Wound Protection

Reduces surgical site infection

Shields incision site from bacterial invasion

Maintains moisture to promote healing


As an old branded medical device company, haida medical are equally committed to improving the affordability and accessibility of high-quality healthcare. To further our dedication to improving both hospital and patient outcomes, we are committed to being a part of the overall solution to reduce surgical site infection. Haida Medical has developed stop- wound-infection device- disposable wound retractor/ protector.

Our mission is to enhance patient outcomes and implement clinically proven methods to reduce the incidence of surgical site incision


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