Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Reusable Products

  • HB Teeth Forceps & HJ Seizing Forceps

    seizing forceps, tooth forceps

    Teeth purse forceps is complementary operation equipment used in the anastomosis of alimentary tract to make purse on the break end of alimentary tract.

  • Reusable Hemorrhoids Stapler

    Reusable hemorrhoids stapler, reusbale surgical stapler

    Reusable Hemorrhoids Stapler: Design of 32 nails to reduce hemorrhage after operation to the maximum extent; Release ache after operation and speed up the period of recovery.

  • Reusbale Circular Stapler

    Circular stapler, surgical stapler

    Reusbale Circular Stapler: adjust the closure height of nail room according to the thickness of tissue; For disposal operation use, curb the possibility of cross infection, streamline design is accordant with the human wagering and favorable to be used by single hand.

  • Reusbale Linear Stapler

    Surgical reusable linear stapler, surgical instruments

    Appropriate cartridges that can be used with linear staplers ensure cost-effective, single patient use of the product.
    Compact construction and modern design concordant with modern standards ensure patient's and user's safety.